Happy WP Anniversary to Me!

…it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished much though but thank you WP for the lovely anniversary reminder.
It just shows me how quickly time can go by and how in a flash so many things can/have changed. 2013 Me had a goal of blogging once a week and introducing a fun series called Fiber Fridays – obviously that did not happen for various excuses and reasons, blah blabby blob. 2014 Me would like to TRY blogging more about my yarny adventures but I’m really trying to discover what I want my main focus to be.

“Having a clear vision of your goal is the only way to bring it into fruition.” Is my mantra right now.

Is is Amigurumi? Large scale toys? Modern clothing bits? HAND DYEING!? My brain is still trying to sort all of this out. 🙂

Bye-Bye Yarn, Baby!

Yay! Shipped out my first official lot of hand-dyed yarn. Of course, this is all still in the early stages and I’m learning a lot as I go. I’ve been dyeing mini skeins and throwing them on Etsy for a few bucks a pop. Much to my surprise a fellow Houstonian picked up five the same day I listed them! This is definitely exciting…

Here’s a picture of my first yarn shipment.


Gromit – is that you?


I love Wallace and Gromit! Mostly because it’s hilarious and my beau introduced the series to me when we were dating long distance which makes it quite sentimental to me.
This is my first run at a larger version of Gromit and I think it came out decent. The stitches are a little wide and his body shape is a bit off. I’ll have to drop to a smaller size hook for next time, for sure. But, overall I think he’s just adorable!

Hi – I’m back!

Uh – oh! This blog looks totally neglected – tsk! Sorry, about that. 🙂 Took a little break because life happened and things get buried a little bit, including this page. I’m going to try my BEST to post at least once a week here, even if it’s a little snippet about what I’ve been up to in the crafty-crafting world. What have y’all been up to? 


Baby Alpaca Yarn

I’m really excited to be working with pure baby alpaca yarn! A friend of mine just recently went on a trip to Peru and brought home four skeins of this beautiful baby alpaca yarn! The brand is called SOL ALPACA. It feels so lush! I’m still trying to decide on a project, thick cowl? Small infinity? So many choices! 

My a Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

Good morning, friends!
Most days I like to start out with a green smoothie, just to counter balance all the other CRAP I eat! This is my all time favorite recipe for a green smoothie, and the one I use most often. You can’t even taste the greens!


Pineapple Wake Me Up
1.5C Kale
1C Frozen Pineapple
1TSP Ginger
.5 Fresh Orange Juice
1.5C Filtered Water
.5 Banana

Blend greens and liquids first until smooth, add frozen pineapple, blend. Then add banana and ginger and blend to a smooth finish. Enjoy!

New Hobby! Polymer Clay.

Hi y’all!
Nope I haven’t given up crocheting but I’ve picked up a new hobby and I’m having so much fun with it, polymer clay! I held off on purchasing supplies as long as possible and the after holiday sales were a perfect time!
I did some research and bought the basics at Michaels. Clay, cheap tools, gloss, and eye pins to make charms.
Here’s a few charms I’ve made so far!

Did you pick up any after holiday hobbies?