Mickey and Minnie Found a New Home!

Mickey and Minnie found a new home over Christmas and they couldn’t look any happier!



Santa Loves Minions Too!

It’s TRUE – Santa LOVES Minions too! I was able to grab this shot at my very last craft show this season, Santa was wandering around and I jumped on the chance to get a minion photo-op! I adore this picture. 


Craft Shows: My Rookie Year #2

Welcome back! Let’s talk about my FIRST, ever, ever craft show experience! Queue the scary music…dundunDUN! During the vendor research process I felt pretty confident that this was going to be an exciting a new experience but let me tell you once I actually booked my first show I became a nervous wreck once the preparations began. 


Adorable “OnTheYarn” tent banner my cousin made for me

I decided that the first one up would be the Katy Rice Harvest Festival in Katy, TX  (http://www.riceharvestfestival.org), I heard good things about the Rice Harvest and that it was a solid family event. The vendor fee was $125 for this event. I invited my cousin to share a table with me and split the cost of the registration fee, I would definitely suggest for a first-timer to go this route. It reduces a lot of stress, and now you have a buddy to take shifts with for food/bathroom breaks. 


In the weeks after the event registration I started crocheting my hiney off. I made crochet hair clips, lots of baby and toddler hats, a couple of blankets, and minion plush toys. I didn’t know what to expect, and what people would be looking for so I had to wing it in a sense with trial and error. I made sure all of my items had a size label and price tag on them, I purchased a 300/pck of hanging tags at Hobby Lobby for $2.00.  I probably had about 60 pieces in total. The event organizers allowed us to set up the night before at 8PM so with my niece, cousin, and her husband in tow, that’s what we did! The E-Z not so easy to set up tent (12X12) took us about an hour to put up. I had two 8X10 tables, two table cloths, three borrowed retail shelves, and three chairs. 



Fast-forwarding to the morning of the show – boy was it HUMID! I’ve lived in Houston all of my life and it still shocks me how crazy, humid it can be during the Fall. The forecast also called for rain the entireweekend which didn’t bode well for the outdoor event! The doors opened at 9AM and the crowds started to trickle in, quite a few people stopped by and browsed. I took a few large clothespins and hung a few hat models on the outside of the tent, that gave customers the chance to take a glance and draw them into our tent. The Minion beanies and plush toys were such a big hit – by the end of the day I was sold out, made me wish I had more! Katy, TX is big on high school football but surprisingly I didn’t sell a single one. Trial and error. 

Main hat table under the tent

Main hat table under the tent

The afternoon rolled around and it was super, super hot outside and we were sweaty messes but kept our spirits up. Then the rain came…

image[2]We got a sudden downpour and rushed to move all the tables into the middle of the tent, since the road was at a slant the back of our tent was completely flooded up to our ankles. We didn’t want to risk my cousin’s handmade greeting cards getting wet and curling – funny nightmare! It continued to rain on and off throughout the afternoon and stopped a little after 5. It didn’t stop people from attending the festival though, and we had a few customers seek shelter within our tent from the rain. Overall, Day 1 went pretty well despite the rain. I sold out of all my minion themed items, a few pumpkin hats, lots of hair clips, and some owl beanies. My goal was to cover my registration fee, I made that and a little extra! 


There’s not much to say about Day 2 except that it was TOTALLY rained out. Boohoo. I received an e-mail around 6:20AM as I glanced out the window of my apartment telling me that because of the inclement weather the Rice Festival could not successfully go forward with no additional refund – that was a bit of a bummer but understandable. 

My first weekend craft show, though only one day, felt like a successful one. I had a lot of fun with my family and talking to other vendors around. A lot of small business success stories which is always uplifting. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog post, I hope you’ll stick around for the next one! xo 



Craft Shows: My Rookie Year


In this series of blogs I’m going to break down my 2013 craft show season – and it’s not all pretty. I’ve been to a few small shows but I’ve never entertained the idea of actually participating as a vendor in one until the beginning of this year. I seriously started doing research on various craft forums which included the Etsy forums. There seemed to be a lot of mixed reviews out in the interwebs about shows. I was able to take away a few points that helped me transition into becoming a vendor.

  1. Bring a credit card swiper.
  2. Bring a friend.
  3. Business cards.
  4. Tent, table, table cloths.
  5. Merchandise bags. (…which I totally forgot at my first show but we’ll touch on that in a later.)
  6. Change box and change.
  7. Plenty of items ranging in price.

In my next post I’ll go into detail about my first and second show!

Fiber Friday!

❤ Fiber Friday ❤
This week I’m going to be highlighting my favorite acrylic yarn – Vanna’s Choice BABY! Acrylic is basically a man made fiber, non natural wool. It’s the go-to yarn for little one projects and baby shower gifts. Vanna’s line can be found at nearly every craft store that carries supplies for needle art and averages about $3.29-$3.99, I’ve found Michael’s to have the best sales on this brand.

Pros: Comes in a variety of colors, soft to touch, rarely pills, doesn’t split much, can be used for many different projects, inexpensive
Cons: Can be stiff and doesn’t have much drape

photo (4)

New series! FIBER FRIDAYS!

I’m starting a new Friday series called – Fiber Friday! I’m going to be highlighting my favorite yarn and fibers to work with.

Let’s start with the basics – cotton! My current favorite 100% cotton is I LOVE THIS COTTON found at Hobby Lobby. It’s the in house generic brand but by far the best cotton yarn I’ve used, and the easiest to work with.

Cost: $3.29/skein
Pros: Rarely splits, soft feel, good value, lots of fun colors.
Cons: Doesn’t stretch, no skein size variations

What’s your favorite 100% cotton brand? Image

Other Fun Stuff #1 – Wannabe Marathoner

This has nothing to do with yarn, crochet, or frustrating knots but I thought it would be nice to journal my fitness journey through this blog as well. That’s where the “other fun stuff” comes in to play in my title line (wink,wink). This morning I completed Week 1 of the 5K Runner program, it included 3 days of walk/run increments – it was easier than I thought but definitely a work out! I use to be a runner in high school which was X amount of years ago and I ran on and off into my early 20’s to stay in shape. Fast forward and I’m totally not in shape!  To be continued… 

P.S. If you like motivational videos, you have to watch this one! 

Too Little Yarn?

Hello folks!

Is there such a thing as too little yarn? I always feel like I could use more, but lately it hasn’t been a bad thing because I have purpose for my recent yarn purchases. What makes me feel like I have too little yarn is because the future projects I have rattling around my brain require yarn that I don’t have in my current stash. Ahhh – yet when I look at the stupidly full cardboard boxes of yarn I have stuffed in my master bedroom it makes me feel silly for even thinking I don’t have enough, but I don’t! The majority of my current stash is from when I first started knitting and crocheting, I’ve just dragged it a long with me during moves. A lot of it is old, cheap, crap yarn. What does someone do with it? I’ve thought of de-stashing and selling the cheap skeins online for cheaper but is it even worth it? Should I just donate the skeins to a need art charity instead? I DON’T KNOW. I just know I’ll continue to feel guilty each time I purchase a new skein of “higher quality” yarn until I de-clutter the old fiber.


Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

Creating Creeper

Hi y’all!

This is what I’ve been working on for the past couple of days…a crochet creeper! I’m still in the protocol stage of creating a creeper, and I was having a hard time with making a perfect square head. I referred to a pattern I found on the interwebs by Nerdigurumi ( Nerdigurumi’s Creeper Pattern) Her pattern guided me into the right direction for the shape of the creeper’s head – and I winged the rest of him because I wanted to create a more plushy version. 

The beginnings.

The beginnings.

 Here’s the finished result along with a few yellow friends!

 P1040805 P1040812

I absolutely loved how he turned out in the end – he’s not the perfect creeper shape but still a cute, plushy version! xo