Bye-Bye Yarn, Baby!

Yay! Shipped out my first official lot of hand-dyed yarn. Of course, this is all still in the early stages and I’m learning a lot as I go. I’ve been dyeing mini skeins and throwing them on Etsy for a few bucks a pop. Much to my surprise a fellow Houstonian picked up five the same day I listed them! This is definitely exciting…

Here’s a picture of my first yarn shipment.


Hi – I’m back!

Uh – oh! This blog looks totally neglected – tsk! Sorry, about that. ūüôā Took a little break because life happened and things get buried a little bit, including this page. I’m going to try my BEST to post at least once a week here, even if it’s a little snippet about what I’ve been up to in the crafty-crafting world. What have y’all been up to?¬†


New Hobby! Polymer Clay.

Hi y’all!
Nope I haven’t given up crocheting but I’ve picked up a new hobby and I’m having so much fun with it, polymer clay! I held off on purchasing supplies as long as possible and the after holiday sales were a perfect time!
I did some research and bought the basics at Michaels. Clay, cheap tools, gloss, and eye pins to make charms.
Here’s a few charms I’ve made so far!

Did you pick up any after holiday hobbies?


Craft Shows: My Rookie Year


In this series of blogs I’m going to break down my 2013 craft show season – and it’s not all pretty. I’ve been to a few small shows but I’ve never entertained the idea of actually participating as a vendor in one until the beginning of this year. I seriously started doing research on various craft forums which included the Etsy forums. There seemed to be a lot of mixed reviews out in the interwebs about shows. I was able to take away a few points that helped me transition into becoming a vendor.

  1. Bring a credit card swiper.
  2. Bring a friend.
  3. Business cards.
  4. Tent, table, table cloths.
  5. Merchandise bags. (…which I totally forgot at my first show but we’ll touch on that in a later.)
  6. Change box and change.
  7. Plenty of items ranging in price.

In my next post I’ll go into detail about my first and second show!

New series! FIBER FRIDAYS!

I’m starting a new Friday series called – Fiber Friday! I’m going to be highlighting my favorite yarn and fibers to work with.

Let’s start with the basics – cotton! My current favorite 100% cotton is I LOVE THIS COTTON found at Hobby Lobby. It’s the in house generic brand but by far the best cotton yarn I’ve used, and the easiest to work with.

Cost: $3.29/skein
Pros: Rarely splits, soft feel, good value, lots of fun colors.
Cons: Doesn’t stretch, no skein size variations

What’s your favorite 100% cotton brand?¬†Image

Creating Creeper

Hi y’all!

This is what I’ve been working on for the past couple of days…a crochet creeper! I’m still in the¬†protocol stage of creating a creeper, and I was having a hard time with making a perfect square head. I¬†referred¬†to a pattern I found on the interwebs by Nerdigurumi (¬†Nerdigurumi’s Creeper Pattern) Her pattern guided me into the right direction for the shape of the creeper’s head – and I winged the rest of him because I wanted to create a more plushy version.¬†

The beginnings.

The beginnings.

¬†Here’s the finished result along with a few yellow friends!

 P1040805 P1040812

I absolutely loved how he turned out in the end – he’s not the perfect creeper shape but still a cute, plushy version! xo¬†