Baby Alpaca Yarn

I’m really excited to be working with pure baby alpaca yarn! A friend of mine just recently went on a trip to Peru and brought home four skeins of this beautiful baby alpaca yarn! The brand is called SOL ALPACA. It feels so lush! I’m still trying to decide on a project, thick cowl? Small infinity? So many choices! 

Fiber Friday!

❤ Fiber Friday ❤
This week I’m going to be highlighting my favorite acrylic yarn – Vanna’s Choice BABY! Acrylic is basically a man made fiber, non natural wool. It’s the go-to yarn for little one projects and baby shower gifts. Vanna’s line can be found at nearly every craft store that carries supplies for needle art and averages about $3.29-$3.99, I’ve found Michael’s to have the best sales on this brand.

Pros: Comes in a variety of colors, soft to touch, rarely pills, doesn’t split much, can be used for many different projects, inexpensive
Cons: Can be stiff and doesn’t have much drape

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New series! FIBER FRIDAYS!

I’m starting a new Friday series called – Fiber Friday! I’m going to be highlighting my favorite yarn and fibers to work with.

Let’s start with the basics – cotton! My current favorite 100% cotton is I LOVE THIS COTTON found at Hobby Lobby. It’s the in house generic brand but by far the best cotton yarn I’ve used, and the easiest to work with.

Cost: $3.29/skein
Pros: Rarely splits, soft feel, good value, lots of fun colors.
Cons: Doesn’t stretch, no skein size variations

What’s your favorite 100% cotton brand? Image

Too Little Yarn?

Hello folks!

Is there such a thing as too little yarn? I always feel like I could use more, but lately it hasn’t been a bad thing because I have purpose for my recent yarn purchases. What makes me feel like I have too little yarn is because the future projects I have rattling around my brain require yarn that I don’t have in my current stash. Ahhh – yet when I look at the stupidly full cardboard boxes of yarn I have stuffed in my master bedroom it makes me feel silly for even thinking I don’t have enough, but I don’t! The majority of my current stash is from when I first started knitting and crocheting, I’ve just dragged it a long with me during moves. A lot of it is old, cheap, crap yarn. What does someone do with it? I’ve thought of de-stashing and selling the cheap skeins online for cheaper but is it even worth it? Should I just donate the skeins to a need art charity instead? I DON’T KNOW. I just know I’ll continue to feel guilty each time I purchase a new skein of “higher quality” yarn until I de-clutter the old fiber.


Has anyone else dealt with this issue?